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How to Choose a Perfect BBCOR Baseball Bat

Choosing the right BBCOR baseball bat can be tasking, especially if you’re a novice. If you are new to the game, you must know the critical aspects to look at when shopping for your perfect bats.

This article will shed some light on significant aspects that will guide your choice. Let’s walk together.

Swinging Speed, Balance, and Grip

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You can improve your performance by selecting the right BBCOR baseball bat. Poor balance can affect your performance. Make sure the grip is comfortable and stable. Go for micro-perforated grips since they offer better handling. Additionally, for better performance, you should choose a bat that is fast and easy to swing.


An ideal bat must have the right technology and features that serve your need. Each player has a unique batting style and knowing yours is the first step toward choosing the right BBCOR bat. Bats with a large sweet spot are preferred. A bat designed for better control and quick swing speeds will also allow you to offer incredible performance.


When we talk of bat weight; we’re not referring to the actual weight but their weight drop. This “weight” comes about due to the relationship of the length and weight of the baseball bat.

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According to the set rules, the right bat should have a weight drop of -3. In simple terms, the length of the bat minus the weight should yield a difference of 3. Most BBCOR baseball bats in the market range from 31-33 inches in length though you can still find bats of 29-30 inches in length.

The right length will ensure you get the perfect momentum for swing the bat to hit the oncoming baseball without losing balance or sustaining injuries. It’s essential to know the ideal bat length will depend on your height and weight.

Bat Feel

A perfect bat should have the right feel — it should be comfortable in your hands. Bats that tremble in you had will affect your performance.

Most BBCOR bats are gentle and comfortable in your hands because of the seam between the two pieces. This seam will reduce the strike against the baseball. The post-swing vibrations that occur after a player hit the two-piece bat design counters the ball.

Though BBCOR baseball bats are preferred and recommended by experts, you must choose the perfect bat in relation to your body and batting style to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

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