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Four Reasons Why You Must Wear Mountain Biking Shoes

Mountain biking can be a marvelous idea for the weekend, but if this is your first time for this sport, you must know that it requires standard equipment for safety concerns. And one essential gear to have is a pair of mountain biking shoes.

You’re probably wondering why you need special shoes for mountain biking. And before you feed that skeptical mind further, here are the reasons that you need to know.

You Want to Avoid Slipping Off

biking shoesIn an uphill track, the force you transfer from your legs to your feet won’t be delivered efficiently if your shoes lose the traction. Regular sports shoes are wearable for a while, but after some time, the outsole’s soft consistency will make it wear out fast, especially if you wear running shoes or gym shoes.

The material of mountain biking shoes is manufactured specifically to withstand the impact force during the pedaling while maintaining a secure grip. The outsole of the shoes also come in two types: flat and clipless. The flat shoes have flat outsoles treaded with grooves, while the clipless have recessed bolt holes for the pedal’s cleats to attach.

You Need More Comfortability

a professional mountain bikerComfortability in wearing the shoes affects not only your performance but your chances of injuries. The less comfortable the shoes are, the more likely you are to get injuries.

Running shoes may provide the necessary protection against impact, but mountain biking requires a much stronger fabric. It also needs to be efficient enough to channel the force from your legs to the pedal.

You Need the Necessary Protection

Mountain biking is a high-impact workout. Hence, you can be at risk of sprains, fractures, or dislocations. The cushioning in mountain biking shoes is designed to overcome exactly those possible injuries. If you wear them, you can worry less about injuring your feet.

You Need Shoes with Healthy Air Circulation

If you plan to bike every week, and you want to spend hours during the session, you will need a decent pair of shoes. They may look pricey, but the materials used are of high-quality. They allow air to circulate well and can prevent bacterial or fungal growth in the fabric. You should note that your sweat combined with the outdoor air can be a nasty mixture where bacteria can thrive. And if your shoes’ materials are not anti-microbial, don’t be surprised if you catch a skin disease.…

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