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How to Choose a Perfect BBCOR Baseball Bat

Choosing the right BBCOR baseball bat can be tasking, especially if you’re a novice. If you are new to the game, you must know the critical aspects to look at when shopping for your perfect bats.

Our bbcor bat reviews offer valuable information on how to select the best bats. This article we’ll shed some light on significant aspects that will guide your choice. Let’s walk together.

Swinging Speed, Balance, and Grip

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You can improve your performance by selecting the right BBCOR baseball bat. Poor balance can affect your performance. Make sure the grip is comfortable and stable. Go for micro-perforated grips since they offer better handling. Additionally, for better performance, you should choose a bat that is fast and easy to swing.


An ideal bat must have the right technology and features that serve your need. Each player has a unique batting style and knowing yours is the first step toward choosing the right BBCOR bat. Bats with a large sweet spot are preferred. A bat designed for better control and quick swing speeds will also allow you to offer incredible performance.


When we talk of bat weight; we’re not referring to the actual weight but their weight drop. This “weight” comes about due to the relationship of the length and weight of the baseball bat.

baseball bat

According to the set rules, the right bat should have a weight drop of -3. In simple terms, the length of the bat minus the weight should yield a difference of 3. Most BBCOR baseball bats in the market range from 31-33 inches in length though you can still find bats of 29-30 inches in length.

The right length will ensure you get the perfect momentum for swing the bat to hit the oncoming baseball without losing balance or sustaining injuries. It’s essential to know the ideal bat length will depend on your height and weight.

Bat Feels

A perfect bat should have the right feel — it should be comfortable in your hands. Bats that tremble in you had will affect your performance.

Most BBCOR bats are gentle and comfortable in your hands because of the seam between the two pieces. This seam will reduce the strike against the baseball. The post-swing vibrations that occur after a player hit the two-piece bat design counters the ball.

Though BBCOR baseball bats are preferred and recommended by experts, you must choose the perfect bat in relation to your body and batting style to enjoy the benefits of this technology.…

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How to Get Rid of Weed From Your System

Among the reasons why people want to rid their system of marijuana is the employment drug tests. Drug tests at the workplace require the employee to perform a urinalysis where they test for metabolites. Metabolites remain a byproduct of this substance in the human body. On consuming marijuana, the levels of THC in the bloodstream start to increase. As soon as the THC is eradicated from the bloodstream, metabolites remain.

How to Pass the Urine Drug Test

urine test in progressThe piss test is more in use than the hair drug test. A marijuana urine test is at times referred to as a urinalysis test which does not need THC metabolites. Your aim is to maintain levels below the test threshold. Typically, the mark is about 50 ng/mL which can only get higher. The final product is negative test results.

Most drug testing labs base their judgment on diluted urine samples at anything below 50 ng/ml — they even look out for diluted samples. According to Crider Center, to effectively pass the urine test, you have to conceal the fact that your urine has been diluted. Here is a guide on How to detox from weed? Best ways to get marijuana out:


Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water for days or weeks right before undergoing a drugs test. It not only wastes time but dilutes your urine temporarily. You should instead drink close to 3 liters of water a day before conducting your test. Just about 2 liters of water hours before your test is adequate enough. Drinking too much water is harmful. Its best to begin with 2 liters at max then give yourself certain limits.

After drinking too much water, your urine will turn colorless as there will be a reduced amount of creatine. This points various red flags for anyone conducting lab tests. Here are other steps you can take.

Vitamin B

To get your urine back to the expected yellow color, use vitamin B. To be exact, this can be B.2 or B-12. You should stop at the local drug store before taking 50-100mg hours before undergoing a test.


Creatine is the chemical waste product released from muscle metabolism. Creatine naturally occurs in the body and is focused on when determining whether your urine has been diluted. Creatine effects will stand for 3 hours or so, that means consuming it a day in advance will be premature. You can purchase creatine supplements from most health food stores. Creatine will then be broken down into a substance known as creatinine which will be flushed out through your urine.

Detox drinks

best detox drinks for weedThere is a wide range of detox drinks in today’s market. Most of these drinks work on the principle of dilution. The best detox drinks for weed contain creatine and vitamin B which masks the dilution (source). Detox drinks are more about convenience as much as they help when ingesting the right amounts of creatine and vitamin B.

Most labs take the temperature of the …

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How to Do Intermittent Fasting The Right Way

Intermittent fasting is becoming an excellent method to lose weight and stay healthy. Unlike other methods of weight loss, you do not have to change the type of food that you eat. For weight loss and better health, you have to change your pattern of eating.

It is advisable to choose healthy food options, but you do not have to do a complex change in the type of foods that you have been eating. There is no right or wrong way of doing intermittent fasting. It is essential to learn how to do it the right way. Here are some tips to help you when doing intermittent fasting:

Start Slow

Fasting is hard. It does not happen, and the temptation to eat will be too much in the beginning. You need to make sure that you start slow and allow your body to adjust slowly. In the first week, take time and first as long as you can.

With time you will learn how much your body can take. You will also be training your body how to fast for as long as possible. Starting slow is the best way to start intermittent fasting.


What Do You Take During the Fasting Period?

During the fasting period, you are supposed to take water, black tea, or black coffee. The tea and coffee should be sugarless. The essence is to make sure that you do not spike your insulin.

During the fasting period, you should avoid anything that will activate the production of insulin. Fruit juices, flavored tea, and milk are not allowed. Make sure that you stick to plain drinks that will encourage fasting.

During the Feasting Period

fastingAfter fasting, you have to go through a feasting period. During the feasting period, you have to eat healthy and nutritious foods that will satiate your body.

Make sure that you eat foods that will provide your body with the right nutrients. During the feasting period, make sure that you do not overeat but at the same time, do not limit your portions. Eat just like you would normally eat.

Understand Your Body

It is essential to understand your body when doing intermittent fasting. You need to plan your meals based on your schedule. The best way to lose weight is to choose your ideal method to fast.

You can decide to fast for 16 hours per day and have an eating schedule of 8 hours. You can also decide to eat one meal per day. It depends on your needs.…

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How to Prepare for Childbirth

Preparing for childbirth is a daunting experience. You need to make sure that you are ready as early as possible. The best time to prepare for childbirth is in the second trimester. This is when you are not too tired, and you can be able to make sober decisions regarding your pregnancy.

When it comes to preparing for childbirth, make sure that you prepare your body, mind, and also your emotions. Child delivery does not just require the involvement of your body. Your mind and emotions also play a significant role in childbirth. Here are some reasons to prepare for birth:

Choose a Caregiver

Choosing a caregiver is the first step when preparing for delivery. You need to make sure that you decide who will be with you during the birth process. The type of caregiver will depend on the kind of birth that you want to have as well as the pregnancy risk.

An OBGYN is ideal for high-risk pregnancies, and they work in hospitals. We also have midwives who work in birth centers and even hospitals. For people who prefer a home birth, a doula is also a good option.

Go for Birth Classes

It is also advisable to go for birth classes. Birth classes help you prepare for childbirth. First-time mothers need childbirth classes, although anyone can go. Going to childbirth classes will help you to prepare for labor.

You will be able to learn how to manage labor pains and even learn the different breastfeeding techniques. It is essential to learn these things during pregnancy to avoid being caught off-guard. You can always go for birth classes with your partner or husband.

Create a Birth Plan

Creating a birth plan is essential when preparing for childbirth. You need to create a birth plan because it will be used as a guideline on the day you give birth and also shortly afterward.

The birth plan should be as detailed as possible. It should also be written in a language that is easy to understand so that you can avoid any mistakes.

child birth


Shopping and Packing

A few weeks before childbirth, take time and do some shopping for yourself and the baby. You need to buy some clothes for the baby and also some care items for yourself. It is advisable to create a list so that you can make sure that you do not forget anything.…