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How to Get Rid of Weed From Your System

Among the reasons why people want to rid their system of marijuana is the employment drug tests. Drug tests at the workplace require the employee to perform a urinalysis where they test for metabolites. Metabolites remain a byproduct of this substance in the human body. On consuming marijuana, the levels of THC in the bloodstream start to increase. As soon as the THC is eradicated from the bloodstream, metabolites remain.

How to Pass the Urine Drug Test

urine test in progressThe piss test is more in use than the hair drug test. A marijuana urine test is at times referred to as a urinalysis test which does not need THC metabolites. Your aim is to maintain levels below the test threshold. Typically, the mark is about 50 ng/mL which can only get higher. The final product is negative test results.

Most drug testing labs base their judgment on diluted urine samples at anything below 50 ng/ml — they even look out for diluted samples. To effectively pass the urine test, you have to conceal the fact that your urine has been diluted or use one of the most reliable fake urine (read) brands available on the market. Here is a guide on How to detox from weed? Best ways to get marijuana out:


Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water for days or weeks right before undergoing a drugs test. It not only wastes time but dilutes your urine temporarily. You should instead drink close to 3 liters of water a day before conducting your test. Just about 2 liters of water hours before your test is adequate enough. Drinking too much water is harmful. Its best to begin with 2 liters at max then give yourself certain limits.

After drinking too much water, your urine will turn colorless as there will be a reduced amount of creatine. This points various red flags for anyone conducting lab tests. Here are other steps you can take.

Vitamin B

To get your urine back to the expected yellow color, use vitamin B. To be exact, this can be B.2 or B-12. You should stop at the local drug store before taking 50-100mg hours before undergoing a test.


Creatine is the chemical waste product released from muscle metabolism. Creatine naturally occurs in the body and is focused on when determining whether your urine has been diluted. Creatine effects will stand for 3 hours or so, that means consuming it a day in advance will be premature. You can purchase creatine supplements from most health food stores. Creatine will then be broken down into a substance known as creatinine which will be flushed out through your urine.

Detox drinks

best detox drinks for weedThere is a wide range of detox drinks in today’s market. Most of these drinks work on the principle of dilution. The best detox drinks for weed contain creatine and vitamin B which masks the dilution. Detox drinks are more about convenience as much as they help when ingesting the right amounts of creatine and vitamin B.

Most labs take the temperature of the urine sample right after submitting the sample. This helps to ensure you have registered the right body temperature. For those who opt for synthetic urine, have it microwaved to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.